FAQ – Frequently asked questions for MiniConference

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Q:  It’s been a while since I’ve been involved with Expressive Arts work …
Should I still come?

A:  Yes!  Remember, this is a re-sourcing experience for brand-new students,  as well as for seasoned practitioners and everyone in-between 🙂
you’ll be able to participate in the way that you feel most called to participate.
Last year we had a number of people report that they felt “Re-inspired” to re-connect with their own personal practice as well!Q:  Will I know anyone there? 
Will I get to see some of my former classmates?
A:  Well, yes – You can count on seeing Salve ECA Faculty members –
Susan Fox, Faye Sotirakis, Christopher Carbone and Katherine Carbone
will all be present at some point throughout the weekend.

For your self – You may want to also reach out to other classmates from past/present to encourage them to come along to re-unite with as well –
And importantly – there will be ample opportunities to make NEW connections with other students/graduates as well –
there’s a whole community of amazing people from this program
interested in the power of the Expressive & Creative Arts as a tranformative force.

Q:  I can only attend one day that weekend, can I still register?
A:  Yes – though we encourage and recommend full weekend participation ,
as that will make it a more complete experience for everyone,
if you know already that you can only come to one day, you may also register for one day.

Q: Can I invite a Guest even if they are not from Salve’s programs?
A:  Yes! 
This year, though the primary focus is on our own graduates and students,
to help build a sense of our Salve ECA Community,
if you have a friend that you’d like to bring, they may also register as well.
They would use the same registration page.  In addition, when you register, you may also register for that person,
by registering for a “Guest” as well during the registration process.
It may be easier though for that person to just register on their own.
And this year to Celebrate our 21st year,
all guests and visitors may come FREE for Saturday Morning’s event.

(Still need to register in Advance  https://salve_eca2017miniconference.eventbrite.com)

Q: I don’t have a place to stay,
and I’m travelling from a distance – what can I do?

A: We have housing options on campus and other accomodations listed – if you’re looking for a place – then act quickly to make sure you can get a spot.

Q: How do I get the discounts when I register?
Pricing info is all on the pricing pages of the website
Then, when you go to the actual registration page,
you’ll see the “codes” for any discounts.
That way you (copy-paste) apply the code on that page,
and it will adjust the pricing for you instantly.

Q: I don’t know if I’ll register yet – what happens after the early registration?
A:  After the early-registration discount period ends, prices return to regular fees.
If there is space available after that  then registration will continue on a space-available basis – until July 31st.
We will not be doing registration at the door, so pre-registration is required.

Q:  I’ve got a busy summer …
anything good to know about this that may help motivate me to register?
A:  Yes! There’s lots to gain
and opportunities to share & give by volunteering as well if you are interested 🙂 )
Well, through the sharing of practices and experience, networking,  hands-on opportunities and personal connections –
we expect that participants will find a chance to share and hear and see:
information on the use of various modalities, creative applications and approaches in different settings, and a sense of re-inspiration;
Most importantly , we hope that this will be a chance for you to renew and revitalize with your own creative spirit!
And all this we expect to be beneficial and useful in participants’ work and in their lives. Participants will have numerous and unique opportunities to learn,
from other classmates, colleagues and peers, to  network, to ask questions in-between sessions…

This is a wonderful community – come and be part of it –
Presenters tend to be approachable and caring,
and fellow participants tend to be enthusiastic 🙂
In the end, participants will return home with creative ideas, renewed enthusiasm and an enhanced skill set too!

Q: What about Traffic? I’m Travelling?
Some people were wondering about driving into Newport that weekend:
Please note: the timing of our Mini-Conference event is early:
9am to 5pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm on Sunday…
With our early start to the day,
we will beat the traffic for Newport events
(For example, the Newport Jazz Festival hours are from about 11am to 8pm… with most Festival-goers  driving into town between 11am and 1pm, and leaving out-of-town closer to 7 or 8pm.. If you are driving to our Mini-Conference at 8:30am, then the roads should be clear and smooth!)
For years we’ve had classes and events during busy weekends in Newport,
and since we start early, we usually have clear pathways for morning arrivals.

Any other questions?

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