Location / Directions to Event

Location for ECA Mini-Conference Gathering

Young Building
Salve Regina University Campus
518 Bellevue Ave., Newport RI  02840

Young Building / Pell Center Salve Regina Univers

Driving /Parking Info

On Bellevue Ave – Right on the Corner of Bellevue and Ruggles
You’ll find the Young BuildingThere are parking lots directly next to the Young Building,
and you will not need any fee or permit to park there for this event,
so it should be quite easy to find.
For a video of arriving at the Pell Center / Young Building, see here:

Some people were wondering about driving into Newport that weekend:
Please note: the timing of our Mini-Conference event is early:
9am to 5pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm on Sunday…
With our early start to the day,
we will beat the traffic for Newport events
(For example, the Newport Jazz Festival hours are from about 11am to 8pm… with most Festival-goers  driving into town between 11am and 1pm, and leaving out-of-town closer to 7 or 8pm.. If you are driving to our Mini-Conference at 8:30am, then the roads should be clear and smooth!)
For years we’ve had classes and events during busy weekends in Newport,
and since we start early, we usually have clear pathways for morning arrivals.

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