Salve Regina University’s –
Expressive & Creative Arts Program,
offers multi-levelled courses and training
in the use of the Arts as a vehicle for transformation.

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The Expressive & Creative Arts program,
“The Professional Applications of the Expressive and Creative Arts”
is designed to provide educators, medical caregivers, counselors, therapists, artists, community organizers and those in related fields with experiential training in the expressive and creative arts. Participants learn to facilitate transformation, self- discovery and the evolution of consciousness when working with groups or individuals.

The programs use a holistic, multi-modal approach to the Expressive and Creative arts, concentrating specifically with an integration of visual imagery with movement, sound, and expressive writing.

General Information

Offered in levels:

Expressive Arts Institute – Foundation Training
Our innovative non-credit Professional Development program.


Certificate of Graduate Studies / Advanced Graduate Studies (CGS/CAGS) in the Expressive & Creative Arts as Transformation.

The Graduate Certificate level curriculum offers an in-depth learning experience.
As part of the Holistic Graduate Programs at Salve, students may enroll in this Graduate credit program on its own, or as a specialized complement to the Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling or in Holistic Leadership.

In Collaboration with the Holistic Counseling M.A. and Holistic Leadership M.A. programs, the Expressive & Creative Arts program all work together synergistically,
forming Salve Regina’s “Holistic Graduate Programs”,
bringing powerful learning experiences for a wide range of professions.

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