Expressive Arts Institute

Expressive Arts Institute
foundation Training Courses

at Salve Regina University

The Expressive Arts Institute foundation training
is an offering from the Expressive and Creative Arts program at Salve Regina University;   The Expressive & Creative Arts Program offers multiple levels of training, along with the Holistic Counseling and Holistic Leadership graduate programs.

In addition to the graduate credit programs,
a professional development course is offered each year,
called the Expressive Arts Institute (EAI) summer foundation courses.
This foundation training has been designed to provide artists, counselors, educators and those in related fields with basic training in the
Applications of the Expressive and Creative arts.

In this multi-modal training,
Participants learn how to integrate the visual arts with movement, sound and expressive writing
in order to facilitate change, healing and self-discovery in a variety of settings.  Experiential learning modules with hands-on activities are combined with discussions about the applications of the expressive and creative arts as well as research supporting their efficacy.

These foundation courses for Expressive Arts Facilitators
is meant to serve as an introductory
yet highly applicable learning experience,
to get a well-rounded multi-modal foundation
to our approach with the Expressive Arts.

Those students who attend our foundation training,
experience an accessible and applicable approach
to Expressive Arts as an Educational Facilitator.
It works well for professionals looking for Continuing Education studies to supplement their prior training and work experience in related fields of human services, allied health practices, and arts-based education.
The Institute program also can serve as an introduction for further study in the field of the Professional Applications of the Expressive & Creative Arts.

Admission is competitive and requires a formal application.
Applications are reviewed and approved by Expressive Arts Institute faculty.
Along with the minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree,
students must be able to fulfill the program requirements according to accepted standards of the profession as deemed essential by expressive arts faculty.

Salve EAI Session Dates :
with Guided Study between Weekends

A limited number of students are accepted each year.
Interested applicants should contact the program coordinator, Christopher Carbone, at (401) 341-3122 or [email protected] as early as possible


Note: for Summer 2022, for our 3-weekend model,
Instead of the Institute, we are running HLC535 and HLC582  and HLC584 as summer courses,
so that they will be part of our regular credit-course offerings.
If  interested in Summer session intro / foundation courses,
those courses will be offered for Summer.

HLC 535: Introduction to Expressive Sound
A 1-credit, 1-weekend course.

HLC 582: Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts: as Transformation
A 3-credit course, offered in 2-weekend class format with guided study module between

HLC584 – Movement Creativity and Consciounsness – Introduction
2-Credit Course – offered in 2-weekend class format


In addition, the enrollment in this Expressive Arts foundation courses,
will satisfy the introduction / prerequisite requirement
to then to continue on with
the in-depth 15-graduate credit, “Certificate of Graduate Studies
 in the Professional Applications of the Expressive and Creative Arts”, CGS/CAGS
offered here at Salve Regina University.

Another option would be to combine this study with a Master’s degree in Holistic Counseling or Holistic Leadership or Rehabilitation Counseling, creating a synergistic plan of study for creating a life-path of personal and professional transformation.

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