The Arts, Nature, and Eco-Consciousness Summer class

The Arts, Nature, and Eco-Consciousness
Summer class  – Save the Date for 2016

The Arts, Nature and Eco-Consciousness


A special elective class offered through
Expressive & Creative Arts program
at Salve Regina University

part of Holistic Graduate Programs,
and Graduate Studies / Continuing Education at Salve Regina University

Dates for 2016:
June 24, 25, 26
(Friday 1:00pm – 5:30pm,
Saturday 9:30am – 5:00pm,  Sunday 9:30am – 4:00pm)

The Arts, Nature and New Eco-Consciousness weekend workshop class,
is designed to awaken and nourish participants’ creative spirit
and to present foundational material on deep ecology
and the role of the creative process
in renewing our sacred connection with the environment.

This experiential program includes:

• Self-exploration through image-making, visual arts, sound, movement, storytelling and theatre arts

• New Approaches to earth-based mindfulness and contemplative practices

• Introduction to leading visionary perspectives in the field of Reverential Ecology

• Techniques and skills to re-imagine our creative roots
and continue an ongoing expressive dialogue with the natural world

• Practice activating the transformative nature of eco-art experiences
that can be used in the fields of education, human services,
community organizations, and the arts

•Learn to reconnect with our natural environment
and reflect from a holistic view on your relationship to the “web of life.”


Registration information will be available in Spring 2016

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