Summer 2022

Expressive and Creative Arts (ECA) Summer Courses: 
Remember, the Foundation courses for expressive arts
can also function as Electives for the Counseling Program.
And the Full CAGS in Expressive Arts
can be woven in synergistically
alongside the Counseling Programs to create a full Expressive Arts Therapy pathway.

HLC-582 Intro to Expressive Arts as Transformation
HLC-535 Intro to Expressive Sound and Music 
HLC-615 Utilizing Expressive Sound and Music 

III. Summer Session III: Begins July 5
HLC-584  Movement Creativity and Consciousness: Intro
HLC-592 Arts, Nature and Eco-Consciousness (Bonus Course)

More details on Expressive Arts Courses with dates

Summer Session II: which Begins May 16

HLC 582:  Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts: as Transformation

A 3-credit course, offered in 2-weekend class format with guided study module between weekends. 

 A Foundation Course for the program & specific Pre-requisite for HLC604, 611, 613. SUMMER 2022 SessionII – June 4-5 ;  July 9-10  2022  (Saturday & Sunday 9:30am to 4pm)

HLC 535: Introduction to Expressive Sound & Music

A 1-credit, 1-weekend course.  Foundation Course & specific Pre-requisite for HLC615 & HLC610.

SUMMER 2022 SessionII –June18-19  2022 (Sat-Sun 9:30 to 4pm)

HLC 615:  Utilizing Expressive Sound and Music for Creativity and Healing

For this course, prerequisite “Intro to Expressive Sound” HLC535 needed 

SUMMER 2022 SessionII – May21-22; June 25-26  2022  (Sat. & Sun. 9:30am to 4pm)

and then Summer Session III (which begins July 5)

HLC 584: Movement, Creativity and Consciousness: An Introduction  

A 2-credit, 2-weekend course.  Foundation Course for program & specific Pre-requisite for HLC610.          SUMMER 2022 SessionIII – JULY 23-24;  AUGUST 6-7 2022 (Sat. & Sun. 9:30am to 4pm)

HLC 592 Arts Nature Eco-Consciousness (Bonus Class)
JULY 30-31 2022  (Sat. & Sun. 9:30am-4pm) 

and Full Summer / Fall ECA schedule for 2022 hereFor a General FLOW / PLAN of Study for Expressive Arts see here.

We’d love to have you with us!

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And, CONGRATULATIONS to all the GRADUATING STUDENTS from our Department’s Programs!
We’ll be celebrating them at the Dept. Graduation Virtual Celebration
this Saturday May 14th, Hoorah!
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