Expressive Arts Professional Training Courses:
at Salve Regina University: REGISTRATION open


Summer: Expressive Arts – Foundation Training Courses
Help re-kindle the Creative Spark
within yourself and within your clients, students and groups.

Receive training in Expressive Arts facilitation.
This program with courses as professional development and personal growth opportunities,
has been designed to provide educators, medical caregivers, therapists
and those in related fields with experiential training
in the expressive and creative arts
to facilitate transformation, self-discovery, healing,
and the evolution of consciousness
when working with groups or individuals

Special Opportunity:
Salve SUMMER Expressive Arts Intro foundation courses
Dates for SUMMER 2019

with Guided Study between Weekends

HLC 535: Introduction to Expressive Sound
A 1-credit, 1-weekend course. Foundation Course
SUMMER II 2019 – June 1, 2 2019 ;
(Saturday & Sunday 9:30am to 5pm)

HLC 582: Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts: as Transformation
A 3-credit course, offered in 2-weekend class format
with guided study module between weekends.
A Foundation Course for the program
SUMMER II 2019 – June 15, 16 ; July 20, 21 2019 (Saturday & Sunday 9:30am to 5pm)

plus the regularly planned Certificate-level course:
HLC 615: Utilizing Expressive Sound and Music for Creativity and Healing
For this course, prerequisite “Intro to Expressive Sound” HLC 535 needed
SUMMER Session II – June 8, 9 ; July 13, 14 2019 (Sat. & Sun. 9:30am to 5pm)

for more info or questions about the application / registration process,
contact program Coordinator Christopher directly:
[email protected]

In addition, these courses serve
as introductions to the full Graduate Certificate program
in the Expressive and Creative Arts as Transformation-
part of Salve Regina University’s HOLISTIC GRADUATE PROGRAMS,
with additional Options at Salve for earning Master’s degrees
in Holistic Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling or Holistic Leadership.